Make it Better. Make it Greener.

Photo by Adam Goral

Photo by Adam Goral

Awesome way to spend part of a Sunday. A couple weeks ago I connected with my buddy Bulbil and a group of high schoolers (The South Central Resistance) in South L.A. to help out on a guerilla gardening site. Bulbil, who has over 20 years experience guerilla gardening, has been showing the high schoolers the Gardening ropes. (This amazing guy has basically been doing GG since before there was even a name for it.)

A bunch of folks from the neighborhood showed up. Everyone was stoked and everyone helped. It was great to have people drive by and be excited by what was happening. And hey! You can do it to. Be the change people. Be the change you want to see in the world. If your neighborhood doesn’t have green spaces, make them. If there’s too much trash on your street, pick it up. It’ll take you less time to fix the problem, then to complain about it. You can check out more sweet photos from the dig on Bulbils website here.

Punk rock. DIY. Do it yourself.

Awesome folks to connect with:

Bulbil’s website

The South Central Resistance:


One response to “Make it Better. Make it Greener.

  1. Thanks for the kind words of praise. It was fun putting the garden in and it made a lot of people happy that day to bad it didn’t last long.

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