Now I Know How to Use a Pickaxe!


My buddies Mary, Robert and I spent our Saturday night on another Guerilla Gardening dig with Bulbil. He had found an awesome spot off the 101 on the Normandie exit. We were there pulling weeds and then digging and planting from 9:30 until 1 in the morning. The ground was so hard in this spot that it was impossible to pull the weeds out by hand. We had to use shovels to break up the dirt to be able to pull them out. Then in order to dig the holes for the plants we had to use pickaxes. Bulbil was kind enough to teach Mary and I the proper way to pickaxe the hard compacted dirt. I felt like a coal miner. A really badass coal miner.

We got about halfway done and it looks so awesome! It feels really good to do something that’s for everyone to enjoy. It’s also really neat when people who are driving by, honk, wave and give you the thumbs up. We’re all in this together boys and girls. We’re all in this together.


2 responses to “Now I Know How to Use a Pickaxe!

  1. Thanks for coming out to help. It was great when I heard Mary laughing really hard as it started to click on how to get the most out of the pick axe.

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