Organization is Key


I bought some pegboard a couple weeks back with the intention of spraypainting it and then hanging it on the wall in my garage to help organize my tools. With the spraypainting completed, (a sweet seafoam green color) I held it against the wall to see if it would hold the holder devices right that I had gotten for it. It wasn’t working. The holders weren’t going into their slots.

To the internet! (I heart the crap out of the internet.) I learned that in order to make pegboard actually be usefull, you first have to build a frame for it. (1″x2″xhowever long.) Home Depot cut the wood for me to the proper size (for free) and 3 dollars and some odd cents later I was ready to build.

So, three Home Depot trips later, (once for the boards, again for longer screws and a third time for the wood for the frame) I now have awesome tool organizational powers in my garage.

I feel so handy.


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