Beautiful Mural

People here are creative. People here do stuff. I love seeing random bits of beautifulness pop up. It’s even more awesome when it’s unexpected. I was driving down Denker St and one day I noticed some swirling color on the wall. On closer inspection it seemed like there might be people emerging from this colorful fog. A week later, yep definitely people and shapes coming together. Every week I’m excited to see how far along it’s getting. I don’t know who made it. But it makes me happy every time I see this mural. I wish I knew who did it, or where I could find more of his/her work. But today, I’m just happy it’s here.

Nice job random South Central Artist. Way to use your spray paint cans to make this place more beautiful. Thank you, you brighten my day.







4 responses to “Beautiful Mural

  1. We should see if Kuva could cover the mural with his treatment that protects art like this from taggers and the like.

  2. for realsies! Post new photos! It gets so much better as time goes on. It’s like a fine wine. We need to leave this person a business card to show them that they are getting mad props on the interwebs. Donsies.

  3. Yo Jess, nice blog. Great pictures. 206, what! Matt and I are starting up our own blog about Seattle sports and other nonsense. Holler next time you come to the Big Apple.

  4. I love your sense and passion for beauty!

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