Purple Tomatoes…Wha???

The Raymond Avenue Neighborhood Garden plant sale last Saturday was AWESOME. My only sad feeling is that I didn’t get there earlier. It started at 2pm, I got my butt over there about 2:30pm and they were already out of eggplant, jalapeño and some other neat-o plants. Dang! But it’s ok, I did manage to snag 4 different heirloom tomato varieties. One of them is suppose to be purple, one’s gonna be all striped like a tiger (I’m hoping), one’s a rainbow of fun and if I remember right the fourth one will be standard red. I also got some crazy cucumber, funky shaped zucchini plants and some marigold flowers that will attract beneficial insects.

I can’t wait to make some purple salsa. It’ll make people’s brains explode.








2 responses to “Purple Tomatoes…Wha???

  1. Ah…the purple heirlooms. Great stuff. You should get some good salt to go on those…check out my blog on salt…

    Oh, and the striped one…if it’s a Mr. Stripey it will be yellow and red. One of the BEST tomatoes ever to make salsa with! Man, I looked hard to find one of those here in Phoenix, but I just don’t think that it does well in the desert, so not this year. I’ll plan better next year…

  2. Cherokee purple?? My favorite!! Sooooo sweet! I should have started them sooner but I’m just starting my seeds now.

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