Feeding My Plants Garbage


The world of going green. Or, just being cheap. I like to take the coffee grounds from the coffee machines at work. And bring them home. What do I do with it you may ask? Well, I toss the coffee grounds all over the ground. On the grass, the dirt, around plants, in pots…etc. The benefits of coffee grounds are ridiculous and the price of them is FREE! And now, a little injection of science. (Don’t be scared. It’s not complicated.) Coffee grounds feed Nitrogen into the soil. Nitrogen is what makes plants grow, and turn that happy green color. (Which is why it’s good to toss them on the grass.) When you buy the chemical stuff in the store to make your yard greener, it’s the nitrogen that’s doing that job. Coffee grounds will do it for you, for free. There’s also the added benefit of worms. Worms love coffee. (I love coffee.) Worms make your soil kick ass. So coffee grounds are kind of the gift that keeps on giving. Application is easy. Open car door. Sprinkle on ground. Done by the time I get to my front door. I’ve been using the coffee grounds kind of sporadically. (When I remember to bring a grocery bag downstairs to the coffee maker.) I keep meaning to ask my boss if I can leave a container down there perma-style for collection. I need more coffee grounds! I have a lot of yard, front and back and a lot of plants…. Yay for South Central and it’s old lot sizes. (My lot is over 5,000 sq ft). Suck on that Westside.


One response to “Feeding My Plants Garbage

  1. you are inspirational!

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