Dinosaurs and Easter, Everyone Wins…



What did I do on an awesome Easter Sunday? Took a mini road trip to see the giant dinosaurs from Pee Wee’s Big Adventure of course! There’s a giant t-rex and brontosaurus AND you can climb inside both of them. My buddy and I got into the t-rex’s mouth and roared at the people down below.

It’ll take you anywhere from an hour and a half to about 2 hours to get there from L.A., then about the same to get back. It’s a super easy day trip.

We got back just in time to hit up our church’s 7pm service. (I love night church.) All in all, a great way to spend a Sunday.

Dinosaur Directions From Los Angeles:
Take the 10 freeway going east, keep going, keep going, keep going….
When you hit Cabazon You’ll Take the Main St Exit.
Turn left at Main St.
Turn Left at Seminole Dr.
And then you’re there. The Dinosaurs will be on the left (North) side of the
freeway if you’re coming from L.A.


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