Say Whaaaa?????

So the city of Los Angeles pulled up the guerilla garden that the community put in over near MLK and Broadway. (Remember, I posted when it was put in here.) My first reaction is… Are you f-ing kidding me? The city is really going to take the time, man power and resources to come into South L.A. and pull plants OUT? Seriously? This whole thing just sounds weird to me. I’m all over L.A. and I get to see what other public spaces look like in the city. South L.A. gets the shit end of the stick. And then when we try to make our section of the city nicer, the city comes and rips it out?

You a little pissed too? Think this makes no sense? Please send an email to Jan Perry. She’s the councilperson for the district the garden WAS in. Email her your frustrations and confusions here :


2 responses to “Say Whaaaa?????


    There is a rumor going around that “the city” uprooted a garden that the citizens planted using their own resources near MLK and Broadway. The garden is no longer there, and I’d like to know who’s decision it was to remove it. Or if you could explain the thinking that was behind such a asinine command.

    I always thought “the city” worked for the people, and should be the last ones to stand in the way of such a thing.
    I also think that this is a great and ironic metaphor. How much more perfect could it be for a group of citizens to plant a garden in a decaying neighborhood, and ethnic neighborhood then watch their victimless efforts destroyed by “the city”.

    I really would appreciate any thoughts or feedback.

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