More than one Earth Day Festival? YAY!!!


I didn’t know there were so many things going on South of the 10 freeway for earthday! Awesome. The 2009 South LA Earth Fest will be happening Saturday April 18th at Leimert Park Village (3347 W. 43rd Street, LA, 90008) from 10am to 5pm. There will be seminars on how to go green on a dime, climate change, green jobs, the President’s green stimulus plan and how it will impact California. There will also be a Healthy Lifestyles Pavillion, Ecohing Green Gardening Center, and a Green Kids Tech Center. You will also learn Earth-friendly ways to save money and how to make your home and neighborhood a better place to live. For more information you can call 323-298-5077 or e-mail to and the

The website is

Check it out. Now you’ve got 3 different earth day events to go to.


2 responses to “More than one Earth Day Festival? YAY!!!

  1. Super cool community stuff rules. Great work Jess.

    • southcentralbungalow

      It was super rad. I’ve got a bunch of pictures from that event that I need to post. Coming soon!

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