Movie Movie Fun Fun

thegarden_movieHey Green Lovers,
The Academy Award Nominated movie “THE GARDEN” will be premiering at the Nu Art on the April 26. There will a be a Q and A after some of the shows. My buddy Scott Guerilla Gardener extraordinaire has been asked to be part of a panel on Sunday the 26th after the 7:30 show.

THE GARDEN chronicles the complex and emotional story of Los Angeles’ South Central Farm. Created from the ashes of the L.A. riots in 1992, the South Central Farm came to be the largest urban farm in the United States. THE GARDEN documents the farmers’ struggle against the city’s backroom deals, and exposes the underlying issues of money, power, poverty and racial discord.

THE GARDEN is a cautionary tale, the story of an urban paradise and an opportunity lost – for the moment, but the story isn’t over yet….

These are two of the other speakers on the panel:
Veronica Flores, WORKS
Neelam Sharma, Community Services Inc — veggie powered bus

Don’t miss this fantastic documentary!

Find out more and see the trailer here:


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