The Los Angeles of the Future! (insert ghosty futuristic voice here)


So, apparently L.A. use to have some kind of Subway system. At least, I’ve noticed some structures around town. Specifically on Western (south of the 10) and in the Hollywood/Los Feliz area. They look like they should be subway entrances… In my internet detective search, of trying to find out more about the old subway, I came across these folks: Get LA Moving. They f-ing blew me away.

They’ve done a TON of research, got input from community leaders, the region’s transportation engineers, planners and transit advocates. They came up with a smart informed and logical system of how the LA subway could (and should!) work. And these folks aren’t even getting paid. Get LA Moving is a grassroots citizen-led discussion. It’s not associated with or funded by any governmental or private agency.

I set them my email address. I really want to know what I can do to help. Hmmm… maybe call up some sticker places? Get the word out? It looked like there hadn’t been activity on their site in awhile. I wonder what’s going on. I just think that this country is at a perfect time to push for this. Obama’s plans, the price of gas, traffic, “going green” being so popular, bike riding up… just to name a few. I wonder if there’s any money in Obama’s stimulus for this….

Check them out here:


One response to “The Los Angeles of the Future! (insert ghosty futuristic voice here)

  1. The link no longer works. It’s now replaced by a Japanese website that sells enzyme drinks. Is there any other way to check them out, if they’re still around? Thanks for the post. Take care and God bless.

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