Why I love South L.A. – Part 1


Reason #1 : The Commute

My glorious commute is give-or-take 30 minutes pretty much anywhere I want to go in the city. Yes, that’s correct, 30 minutes. I have buddies that commute over an hour each way to work. That’s two hours a day, AT LEAST in the car. I can’t handle that. My brain would explode. I’ve also got buddies who live on the West Side who say they have to live by the beach. (Who then go to the beach somewhere around 3 times a year.) I kind of think you’re screwed if you live most other places in the city. If you live on the East side you never want to head west. If you live on the West Side it’s a pain in the ass to head East. Me, I like being in the middle. I go where I wanna go. Centrally located my friends, centrally located.

The Lowdown:
25 minutes – The Beach / West Side
8 minutes – Downtown
30 minutes – East Hollywood / Silverlake / Echo Park / Los Feliz
30 minutes – Long Beach


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