Gimme More Restaurants


A buddy of mine came over last Saturday to check out homes for sale in the area. After checking out a few of them, and doing a little South LA mini-tour, (always rad) he asked me where a good b-fast spot was… Well, if he had asked me for a good burger spot there’s a bunch, or if he felt like fast food, there’s every fast food option known to man in South LA. But, a place to just sit, chill, and eat the classic eggs, bacon and hashbrowns…. The options are slim. Very slim.

In 2008 the city passed a ban on allowing any new fast food restaurants in South LA. Instead, LA has created a bunch of incentive programs for sit-down restaurants and grocery stores if they open in the area. It took me forever to find, but here it is: a pdf of all the incentives the city is offering to possible restaurant owners.

There’s a lot of interesting information. I also read a LA Times article about the whole thing that added this little bit of info:

“According to a 2005 market study contracted by the city, South L.A. loses more than $400 million annually in general merchandise, grocery and restaurant sales to outside areas.”

So yes, people in south LA have money to spend, but very little options on where to spend it.

I want my eggs damnit.


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