Bringing Garbage INTO South Central


My buddies at work eat a lot of bananas. And when I remember, I jack the peels. Free fertilizer for my plants, because the peels are rich in potassium. (One of the ingredients in the store bought fertilizers.)

Fertilizer has that N-K-P labeling on the bag. The potassium (banana peels!) is the K part of that triple letter fun time. (N is for Nitrogen and P is for Phosphorous.)

I chop the peels up (think like a diced onion) and then dig holes around my plants and bury the pieces. Roses especially love them. I’ve heard of people burying them whole, blending them in a blender, basically do whatever you feel like. The important thing is just to get them in the dirt.


3 responses to “Bringing Garbage INTO South Central

  1. That is one good looking banana eater.

  2. southcentralbungalow

    Yeah, he must be a model. Or a model/designer or something.

  3. Dang, your co-worker loves the bejezus out of his job or bananas. Either way I’m a bit freaked out.

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