South Los Angeles… Wetlands?


South Los Angeles is making moves. Serious moves. Apparently the city is transforming a former Metro bus yard at 5413 Avalon Blvd into the “South Los Angeles Wetlands Park.” Yay for us. And if you all forgot, we’re also getting a light rail along Exposition Blvd (Phase one is from downtown to Culver City) which will be done by summer of 2010 (Phase Two extends it all the way to the beach in Santa Monica.) The 9 acre wetlands park (phase one) is also going to be done in 2010. December is the word. June 11th was the ground breaking so things are officially underway.  The computer renderings look amazing. I hope it lives up to the dream. It’ll be nice to have some more green space in South L.A. And 9-acres worth, even more awesome! Looking at the drawings for the Exposition light rail, the plans for that include green space on either side and a bike path. So those two projects alone are going to give us some serious greening up.

This is all really good news to me. I just got back from a trip to beautiful Seattle. I love that city. Everything is so green and healthy there. I come back to LA and it hurts. LA may have sunny skies but this city is so damn grey. Grey concrete everywhere. It kills me on the inside.

This wetlands news is such a breath of fresh air. And it will be, literally.

For more photos and articles about the wetlands check out these links:


View From A Loft

Curbed Los Angeles


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