Toured it


I finally went on that LA Eco Home tour I told you guys about. I highly recommend it.  The lady’s home is pretty sweet. She’s got solar panels, solar hot water heater, a ton of trees (drought tolerant in the front and tons of fruit trees in the back), learned some little things I can do to improve the insulation of my house, (Keeping cool air inside in the summertime and warm out. Keeping warm air inside in the wintertime and cold air out.) raised bed gardens, composting, greywater system etc…

The only problem I had is that I wanted more. More information. I already know all these things exist. What I was really hoping for was something more detailed. I want to go under the house and see how the piping actually WORKS for the greywater system. (And then, in a perfect world) go away with plans on how to make one myself.

Poo! Maybe the greywater will have to wait. Or maybe I need to make more “green” buddies? Find a “green” guru. Maybe more “green” folks will move into my neighborhood and we can exchange info…Drop some knowledge bombs on each other…. That would be rad.

The tour got me to thinking, maybe there are some folks out there that don’t know about some of the little things we an all do around our homes. In the coming weeks I’m thinking of adding a “Knowledge Bombs” section to the blog. Let me know what shit you folks want to learn about. We’ll start with the basics.

Anywhoo, check out the pics. She’s does have a really sweet home.


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