More Light Rail?

You mean I could take a light rail to the Airport? Like I use to do when I lived in San Francisco? (Map Here)

Well, LA is looking to become more and more of a “real city.” I just read an article and watched a video about a possible Light Rail from Wilshire to LAX. It’s called the Crenshaw Transit Corridor Project. It would run from Wilshire and La Brea into South LA and over to LAX. It would have connection points with the Expo (I’ve written about the Expo line before. It’s running along Exposition Blvd and should be up and running next summer (2010) and Green Lines and possibly the Purple Line if that gets extended.

L.A. County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas is stoked about this project. He set up a website (here) to let people know when the public meetings are, see the proposed map and watch videos. Good work Mr. Ridley-Thomas.



3 responses to “More Light Rail?

  1. Awesome!
    Truly, it’s about time for LA to start catching-up to the rest of the world.
    Let’s build the Rail system, and let’s build it now!

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