South LA and The Gays

I was talking to a friend of mine (who lives in West Hollywood) about South Central and it’s awesomeness. He had this question for me: “What does South L.A. think of the gays?”

Honestly, at the time I didn’t know. There’s very much a live and let live policy that goes on here. Some of my friends use to practice their punk band in my garage and my neighbors never had a problem with it. (We always stopped when it started to get late.) The house across the street from me has a party once a year that goes until 2am. But again, it’s once a year. I don’t mind and neither do any of my other neighbors. Life is meant to be lived. Other than that my street is pretty quiet. Really, really quiet. When I lived in San Francisco neighbors sucked. Anytime me, or anyone I know had a get together, the cops would always get called. My old friends, Leslie, Daniel and I would try and throw a party about once a year and it was always a pain in the ass. Come on people. Once a year is not a big deal.

So with this, live and let live, mentality that South LA seems to run on I figured it would apply to Gay friendliness as well, but I wasn’t sure. My friend then asked me: “Well how did everyone respond to Prop 8? Were there protests? Celebrations?”

I didn’t really notice anything one way or the other. So I checked around. This is what I found. There were “No on Prop 8” rallies and protests showing strong gay support in South LA. According to this short LA Times article here there was a rally in Leimert Park nearly 1,000 strong with clergy members and gay couples that support gay marriage.

Photos by Zeal Harris:


Photos by Zeal Harris


Photos by Zeal Harris

Photos by Zeal Harris

Photos by Zeal Harris

Photos by Zeal Harris

Photos by Zeal Harris

Check out more photos here.


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