Guerrilla Gardening this Saturday

And the season begins!!

If you folks want to start Guerrilla Gardening, you can come out this Saturday Oct 17th at 5pm. I just got this email with the details from my buddy Bulbil.


I know it’s kind of short notice but with the rain coming I can’t think of a better time to plant some plants guerrilla style. We are going to be doing a planting (replacing some plants) at the Van Ness and Harold Way garden behind the Dennys (at the Sunset exit to the south bound 101 freeway) this Saturday at about 5PM. And there will be a weeding event at the same time across the freeway at the Sunset and Wilton garden (at the Sunset exit to the north bound 101 ).
The LA Guerrilla Gardeners group will be having a meeting very near these sites from 3 till 5PM then we are going over to work in the gardens. I’ve copied their email about their event below. It has a link to a map to the house for the meeting but here’s the address in case I do something wrong and the link doesn’t work – 1922 Taft Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90068
If you can’t make the meeting at 3 maybe you can still help out in the gardens at 5.
I think all you’ll need is some gloves but if you have a tool or two you like to work with feel free to bring them.
I hope to see you there

AKA bulbil321


2 responses to “Guerrilla Gardening this Saturday

  1. Hey Ms. YES!
    It’s been a long time. Does this mean I’ll see you there?

    • southcentralbungalow

      Can’t! I had an art show that night. (I’ll post photos of it later.) I’m down for the next one though. I’m excited that the season’s back on! My buddies and I are planning a South LA seed bomb extravaganza soon.

      And I’ve lost 2 phones this summer. I don’t have your digits anymore can you email me them?

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