Me vs paint. I win.

Rain makes me productive. I’ve been working on my bathroom for the past couple months, and while I’m waiting for some key pieces to arrive I’m finishing up some off the detail stuff. Here’s me cleaning off a bunch of the hardware. Paint stripper and Paint thinner are my best friends.  A lot of these pieces go on the windows. I’ll never understand why people paint over awesome hardware. It’s all about the details.

Check out the hinge. The one that’s still covered in paint on the left is the original hinge to my bathroom medicine cabinet. At some point in time one of the two hinges had been replaced with a weaker cousin. It didn’t match and was warping. This one is the original. I crossed my fingers and headed over to Liz’s Antique Hardware. As luck would have it, they had a match. Why are some things are super easy to find and others are next to impossible…? Arg.  Pretty neat-o though. One pass and I matched my 100 year old hinge. Now to clean them up.


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