Bombs Away!

I have such a crazy backlog of posts. I’ve been taking photos with my cellphone, but haven’t been able to get the photos off my cellphone until now. Be prepared buddies, for a bunch of posts in the coming weeks.

Anywhos, for my birthday this year me and my friends made a bunch of seed bombs. You can see my buddy B in the photo above rocking out with the dirt.

In case you weren’t aware seed bombs are these awesome little balls of dirt that have seeds in them. The plus side to them is that you’re able to throw them into places that are hard to guerilla garden. (Like empty lots with big fences, the sides of freeways, on-ramps, off-ramps, etc…) If you don’t use seed bombs, and just throw seeds, I heard 80% of seed you throw ends up being eaten by ants, birds and other wildlife. Seed bombs on the other hand are protected in their dirt/clay shell, and basically melt when the rains come. PERFECT for Los Angeles. The compost you add to them, and the red clay have nutrients to help the seeds grow.

This was my first time making them and we used the most common recipe that’s floating around the internet.

5 parts dry red clay (think powder, like flour)
3 parts compost
1 part seeds

Mix all the ingredients together and then start adding water slowly. You want the ingredients to stick together and form nice little marble sized balls, but not be soaking wet. It takes about 3-7 days for them to dry out.

I used a bunch of native wildflower drought tolerant seeds this time around. We made hundreds of seed bombs. At the time of this posting, ALL of them have been thrown. Most of them on the 110 freeway, some on the south la exits off the 10 freeway, and then parts of the 101 freeway in highland park. I can’t wait till Spring to see how well/not well this has worked. I figure the first time around is the hardest. After this anything that does sprout up will also self-sow. So every year will just be better and better and better.

I want to see a rainbow of color!


2 responses to “Bombs Away!

  1. So glad to hear someone else is doing some guerrilla gardening. We’d love to hear how your seed bombs do. Thanks.

    Mr. Stamen

  2. Totally exciting! Good luck.

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