I am always right.

Or at least, I was in this case. I was happy happy happy to find out that yes, my tub does curve. There use to be a wall right here at the back of it. (Where your head would be if you were taking a bath.) It was a crap-tastic wall that made my pretty big bathroom feel super dark and small. Without the wall piece being there, the two windows in the back can actually let light all the way into the bathroom. It’s no longer claustrophobic. I love this tub. It’s old and big and awesome.

There also use to be sliding glass doors on part of the tub. Added to the cave atmosphere so I got rid of them. I have to wonder why anyone would add that stupid part wall, and sliding doors onto a tub. I’ve never seen either one of those items being a good thing. An L shaped shower rod was my solution. Easy to get. Overstock.com had the best prices and quite a few finishes.


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