Starting the New Year off right.

I was very happy late December to get some of my Urban Exploration photography into a store I love called the Flock Shop. If you haven’t been to the Flock Shop in Los Angeles, you’re missing out. Everything in it is made by hand. Very cool stuff. I picked up a bunch of Christmas presents there. To top it off, it’s a husband and wife team that own the store and they are the nicest couple ever. When you see stuff you like in their store, ask them about it. They know a lot about all the different artists and crafty people.

A short couple weeks later one of the two pieces sold. (It’s the one above, called “Waiting”.) It’s from my ghost town of Ballarat series. The car is the Manson family’s supposed getaway car, and you can see part of the crumbling ghost town framed in the window.

Last weekend I dropped off 3 more pieces. Get your butts over there and check them out!

What a nice way to start the new year.


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