Grandma Jean

Sad Day,

My grandma died a couple months ago. Normally I don’t do too well with sadness. I tend to push through sad emotions and just keep going. The problem with this practice is that at some point in time I inevitably crash. The sadness will leak out at an inopportune moment. So this time around I decided to face life head on. I took a couple days off from work and morned. I thought about how blessed I am to have had such an amazing classy grandma. I never saw here without lipstick on, she was just that kind of lady. I’m one of five kids and each of us felt like we were her favorite. She had a way of making you feel special. She was always extreemly proud of my accomplishments, even the ones that we’ren’t all that great. They were great to her.

She lived just 4 blocks away from the house I grew up in, and as a latchkey kid I spent a lot of time over at her house.

She baked, and cooked. Breakfast at grandmas house was a 5 course meal. Her cookie jar was filled with homemade cookies, never store bought. We’d make sugar cookies together all the time. Not just for holidays, it was just for fun. She had a bronze kitchenaid mixer that mixed the dough.

For holidays she’d always bring the pies. Apple most of the time. Her crusts were always beautiful and looked like they were out of a magaine. So I made a pie too, just like she use to. I’ve made pies before, but haven’t for about 10-15 years and never tried to make a lattice crust. This time I did. I was quite proud of my pie, it looked just like hers.


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