A Worthwhile Life

Sooooo, what am I doing when I’m not working on my house, photography, full time job, silkscreening, etc… The project I’ve been working on for that past year, that’s what!

The Center : South LA, a soon to be arts center in South Los Angeles. That’s right folks. Living in south la, I’m blown away by the lack of access to an arts education. It’s taken me a year to do the research, set up all the legals, design the brand, website and other collateral, gather teachers and read a billion articles and memorize facts about how art affects the brain and improves peoples lives.

Did you know, that when youth, (Who were previously in juvie, ie locked up.) get involved in an arts program, their behavioral problems are reduced by 75% and they are 50% less likely to commit another crime. Did you know that? That my friends, is the power of art.

Basically art seriously affects your ability to learn how to learn. Reading and writing skills improve, aggression issues and truancy are reduced. It’s all around awesome. I have a list of the amazing things art does.

This is a project I am very passionate about. My dad always said that “Like isn’t fair”, but damn it, it should be. And if I can do this, and bring art opportunities to a section of Los Angeles that has long been ignored, then I can feel like my life has had purpose. Because that’s what I want. To live a life that touches other people. With that, I could die happy.

But here’s the thing. Nothing happens by itself, I need YOUR help. Please please please spread the word and donate. You can make a tax-deductable donation on our website here: http://www.thecentersouthla.com/donate.html as well as read more about The Center. Tell your friends, tell your family, TELL people what we’re doing. And by we, I mean we. Because you need to do this too. And then you can say “I Art LA”.


3 responses to “A Worthwhile Life

  1. sounds like an awesome thing you are doing.
    Best of luck with it

  2. Hey Jess, The Stranger just had an article about a similar project in Seattle. Check it out at http://www.thestranger.com/seattle/make-art-anyway/Content?oid=4041200

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