Seedbombing Works!

So excited! I was driving on the 110 and saw some california poppies that had sprouted from the seed bombs I’ve been throwing. YAY! There’s a strong little patch on the entrance to the 101 off the 110 as well.

It’s not a ton of flowers. I liken it to a bald man with a few hairs, but it’s still GREAT news. The thing about most wildflowers is that they’ll reseed themselves for next year. So if there’s a spot where 2 sprouted, then next year that spot will have 7 all on its own. It’ll grow exponentially. AND my buddies and I will continue to make more seed bombs so that’ll add to it as well!

Some day in the future people in LA will say, “oh hey, lets drive on the 110, it’s spring and that’s when all those colorful flowers pop up.” Yep. A scenic drive on the 110.


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