Fresh and Easy on Crewnshaw Approved!

Rendering of freshandeasy store via KL Architects

There have been plans for at least the past year (possibly more) to put in a freshandeasy grocery store on the now empty lot at Crenshaw and 50th. For so long this space was an empty. It was an empty storefront,  then it was torn down and sat as an empty lot for over a year. I am so sick of the empty empty empty space here. Finally! It’s getting filled and it’s by something this community needs and wants. A grocery store with quality and organic produce. The neighborhood has long been asking for a Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, or something similar.

I actually worked on the entire fresh&easy branding and packaging before they opened a couple years ago and can tell you, this grocery store is AWESOME. Whole Foods quality at Walmart prices. Tons of organic options. I love their ready meals and the piece of mind I have buying the freshandeasy brand. No preservatives or added junk. And the employees get health care and sick days. So all around, great product and they treat their employees well.

And as an added inside scoop. At a meeting I was in about a year or two ago, we went to present some new designs to the Chief Marketing Officer Simon Uwins. He was pressed for time and was eating his lunch. Guess what it was? Freshandeasy food. One of their salads and the sushi. So even the heads of the company shop there. They not only stand behind their product, they love it. And I respect that.

There was some debate about the store, not about freshandeasy coming in, most everyone’s on board for that, but about the parking lot. The “Crenshaw Specific Plan” mandates that parking need to be in the back of developments or on top to keep/make the Crenshaw area pedestrian friendly. The current plans have the parking lot in front.

I shop at the one they opened over on Adams, and am extremely excited to have one even closer to home.

More Info:
Check out this video by Leimert Park Beat : Here
La StreetsBlog : Here


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