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CSU Fun November Events!

A great South Los Angeles group CSU (Community Services Unlimited) is having two really cool earth friendly events in November. One’s a gourmet food party featuring Caribbean Cuisine and the other is the start of their monthly gardening workshop.

P.S. If you’re looking for locally grown organic produce you can sign up with CSU and for an incredibly reasonable fee, pick up a bag weekly. It’s the best. Read more about it at : And now the events!

Friday, November 12th : 6pm to 8pm.
Caribbean Cuisine Food Party!
featuring Kamilche Sea Farms Mussels
Hosted by Shema Muhuga, a friend of CSU at his Playa Del Rey residence, this food party will feature the mouthwatering flavors of the Caribbean. Soca and Calypso will be the music playing for the evening along with video footage from the October 2010 Los Angeles Carnival and the February 2010 Trinidad and Tobago carnival. As always local seasonal produce will be highlighted, but a special item for this evening will be a treat for sea food lovers. Kamilche Sea Farms has been farming mussels in the Puget Sound since 1981 and since 1986 has specialized in the culture of the premium Mediterranean mussel (Mytilus galloprovincialis).  These mussels, common to Spain, are believed to have been brought over to the Pacific centuries ago on the bottoms of Spanish Galleons.  Today Kamilche Sea Farms grows these mussels starting with premium hatchery seed.  Suspended from long lines in the rich deep waters of the Puget Sound, a premium mussel is ready for harvest in less than a year. Kamilche Sea Farms’ growing waters, in Totten Inlet, have been state certified since 1926. This bay is designated by the Washington Department of Ecology as a “Unique Growing Area” due to its pristine waters and high shellfish productivity. Strict watershed protection measures ensure that it will remain pure for generations to come. A huge thank you to Kamilche Sea Farms for the donation of the mussels for this Food Party, we encourage you to check out and support those businesses that support sustainable communities. A detailed menu and address for the event will be sent to those that RSVP, but you can be sure to get home cooked gourmet food, featuring locally grown and beyond organic produce, at an incredible price of $20.00, along with great company and the knowledge that your dollars are supporting a great cause.
Spaces are limited, so RSVP soon to or call 323 299 7075.

Saturday, November 13th : 9am to 1pm.
Garden Gateway Workshop Series
Planting to Amend Soil + Healthy Greens
EXPO Center/CSU Urban Farm, corner of King and Bill Robertson Lane (formerly Menlo Ave), 3980 S. Bill Robertson Lane., LA, CA 90037, next door to the senior center, enter from Bill Robertson Lane. Garden Gateway Project Workshop Series takes place on the 2nd Saturday of every month. The Community Gateway to Building Food Self-Reliance –  Free Gardening, Nutrition and Cooking Workshop! In partnership with: The EXPO Center, UNO and USC Keck School of Medicine Childhood Obesity Research Center.
To RSVP call 323 299 7075
and please be prepared to attend the entire workshop.  Download flier at


Seed Bombing Proof!

The photos are in people. Just like I promised. A little bit of color and happiness on the 110 freeway. Pretty!

Last year my buddies and I made seedbombs on my birthday, (that was my birthday party) and this is the result. Next year there’ll be EVEN MORE! There are a few more spots where they’ve sprouted up that I didn’t get photos of. It took me forever just to get these. Taking photos and driving at the same time equals car wreck!  So I had to have someone else driving and it had to be during the day. Two tall orders.

It’s all coming together! Woot!

Recycled Window Garden

So Neat! Check out this video and then the website. It shows a group of DIYers who’ve been working on better ways to cheaply grow window gardens using soda bottles and other parts. I really like the community cohesion. People all over the world have been improving on the design.

Website Link:

Seedbombing Works!

So excited! I was driving on the 110 and saw some california poppies that had sprouted from the seed bombs I’ve been throwing. YAY! There’s a strong little patch on the entrance to the 101 off the 110 as well.

It’s not a ton of flowers. I liken it to a bald man with a few hairs, but it’s still GREAT news. The thing about most wildflowers is that they’ll reseed themselves for next year. So if there’s a spot where 2 sprouted, then next year that spot will have 7 all on its own. It’ll grow exponentially. AND my buddies and I will continue to make more seed bombs so that’ll add to it as well!

Some day in the future people in LA will say, “oh hey, lets drive on the 110, it’s spring and that’s when all those colorful flowers pop up.” Yep. A scenic drive on the 110.

Plant Sale!

Raymond ave garden is having their plant sale again this year. I will be there with bells on! Deltails below:

Hey Everybody — friendly reminder:
Raymond Avenue Neighborhood Garden is having its 2nd Annual Fundraiser & Celebration this Sunday from 11-2. We’re selling TONS of great vegetable seedlings for very low prices (cheaper than Home Depot!), including Heirloom tomatoes from Tomatomania. We’ll also have lots of amazing home-cooked food, fresh bread from a new neighborhood bakery, and a pickling demonstration! We’ve got handmade skin care made by our gardeners, and homemade organic fertilizer — what a great event!

Day: this Sunday, April 11
Time: 11-2
Location: Raymond Avenue Neighborhood Garden
2632 S. Raymond Ave., 90007 (2 blocks east of Normandie, 1/2 block south of Adams)

Would love to see you there — come out and enjoy the event and support the garden — xo, Julie

Bombs Away!

I have such a crazy backlog of posts. I’ve been taking photos with my cellphone, but haven’t been able to get the photos off my cellphone until now. Be prepared buddies, for a bunch of posts in the coming weeks.

Anywhos, for my birthday this year me and my friends made a bunch of seed bombs. You can see my buddy B in the photo above rocking out with the dirt.

In case you weren’t aware seed bombs are these awesome little balls of dirt that have seeds in them. The plus side to them is that you’re able to throw them into places that are hard to guerilla garden. (Like empty lots with big fences, the sides of freeways, on-ramps, off-ramps, etc…) If you don’t use seed bombs, and just throw seeds, I heard 80% of seed you throw ends up being eaten by ants, birds and other wildlife. Seed bombs on the other hand are protected in their dirt/clay shell, and basically melt when the rains come. PERFECT for Los Angeles. The compost you add to them, and the red clay have nutrients to help the seeds grow.

This was my first time making them and we used the most common recipe that’s floating around the internet.

5 parts dry red clay (think powder, like flour)
3 parts compost
1 part seeds

Mix all the ingredients together and then start adding water slowly. You want the ingredients to stick together and form nice little marble sized balls, but not be soaking wet. It takes about 3-7 days for them to dry out.

I used a bunch of native wildflower drought tolerant seeds this time around. We made hundreds of seed bombs. At the time of this posting, ALL of them have been thrown. Most of them on the 110 freeway, some on the south la exits off the 10 freeway, and then parts of the 101 freeway in highland park. I can’t wait till Spring to see how well/not well this has worked. I figure the first time around is the hardest. After this anything that does sprout up will also self-sow. So every year will just be better and better and better.

I want to see a rainbow of color!

First Garden Workday of the School Year

Come on out and garden with a South LA Elementary School!

Guerrilla Garden Expert Bulbil let me know about a gardening event in South LA happening this Saturday, October 24th, 2009. It’ll be from 9am-12pm at the 24th Street Elementary School Garden. Sounds pretty neat-o. Make friends with them on facebook and then you’ll be in the know for some gardening awesomeness. Info and links below:

We look forward to seeing everyone at our first workday of the school year, Saturday, 10/24 (9am-12pm) at the 24th Street School! Please mark your calendars. Bring your garden gear (garden gloves, some water, sunscreen, a shovel or pitchfork). We will be catching up on our fall planting, building some infrastructure, making new beds, and many other tasks.

The address is: 2055 West 24th Street, Los Angeles

From the I-10 Freeway: take the “Western Avenue” exit (3 miles west of downtown) and head south on Western. Take a right turn on 24th Street. The school and parking lot will be on the right-hand side on the east side of school. There will be plenty of street parking as well. Look for the banner reading “24th Street School Workday” and enter through those gates.

We are fortunate to have our partners from RootDown LA, Megan Hansen and Katy Atkiss, providing us all a delicious meal!

We look forward to seeing you then


Facebook Link to the event Here

Garden School Foundation Blog

Bulbil’s Website