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Cookie Monster Should Host Saturday Night Live.

Should Cookie Monster Host Saturday Night Live? My answer: YES!!!! I love cookie monster. Always have. You can watch his audition tape below. The first minute is slow, but then he goes into fake SNL skits and it’s amazing. Can I just say, Cookie monster as Lady Gaga = Awesome. This would make me actually watch SNL. Instead of just checking out the one funny skit per show on Hulu.


Seed Bombing Proof!

The photos are in people. Just like I promised. A little bit of color and happiness on the 110 freeway. Pretty!

Last year my buddies and I made seedbombs on my birthday, (that was my birthday party) and this is the result. Next year there’ll be EVEN MORE! There are a few more spots where they’ve sprouted up that I didn’t get photos of. It took me forever just to get these. Taking photos and driving at the same time equals car wreck!  So I had to have someone else driving and it had to be during the day. Two tall orders.

It’s all coming together! Woot!

I heart salvage yards.

In this bathroom restoration, I’ve had a bitch of a time trying to find the baseboard. (That’s the piece of trim that runs along the bottom of a wall.) In my house every single room has the same original trim. Except of course, for the bathroom and the kitchen, the two rooms that have been changed quite a bit through the years.

In the process I’ve searched nearly every salvage yard I know of, a backyard, a salvage lumber place, home depot, lowes, and a few specialty trim shops.

These were from the photos I finally got off my phone of a salvage yard called Freeway Building Materials in Los Angeles. Really really cool place. They’ve got tons of great house parts, and then super cool older things. I even saw a few jet skis when I was last there.

Toured it


I finally went on that LA Eco Home tour I told you guys about. I highly recommend it.  The lady’s home is pretty sweet. She’s got solar panels, solar hot water heater, a ton of trees (drought tolerant in the front and tons of fruit trees in the back), learned some little things I can do to improve the insulation of my house, (Keeping cool air inside in the summertime and warm out. Keeping warm air inside in the wintertime and cold air out.) raised bed gardens, composting, greywater system etc…

The only problem I had is that I wanted more. More information. I already know all these things exist. What I was really hoping for was something more detailed. I want to go under the house and see how the piping actually WORKS for the greywater system. (And then, in a perfect world) go away with plans on how to make one myself.

Poo! Maybe the greywater will have to wait. Or maybe I need to make more “green” buddies? Find a “green” guru. Maybe more “green” folks will move into my neighborhood and we can exchange info…Drop some knowledge bombs on each other…. That would be rad.

The tour got me to thinking, maybe there are some folks out there that don’t know about some of the little things we an all do around our homes. In the coming weeks I’m thinking of adding a “Knowledge Bombs” section to the blog. Let me know what shit you folks want to learn about. We’ll start with the basics.

Anywhoo, check out the pics. She’s does have a really sweet home.

Why I love South L.A. – Part 1


Reason #1 : The Commute

My glorious commute is give-or-take 30 minutes pretty much anywhere I want to go in the city. Yes, that’s correct, 30 minutes. I have buddies that commute over an hour each way to work. That’s two hours a day, AT LEAST in the car. I can’t handle that. My brain would explode. I’ve also got buddies who live on the West Side who say they have to live by the beach. (Who then go to the beach somewhere around 3 times a year.) I kind of think you’re screwed if you live most other places in the city. If you live on the East side you never want to head west. If you live on the West Side it’s a pain in the ass to head East. Me, I like being in the middle. I go where I wanna go. Centrally located my friends, centrally located.

The Lowdown:
25 minutes – The Beach / West Side
8 minutes – Downtown
30 minutes – East Hollywood / Silverlake / Echo Park / Los Feliz
30 minutes – Long Beach

Dinosaurs and Easter, Everyone Wins…



What did I do on an awesome Easter Sunday? Took a mini road trip to see the giant dinosaurs from Pee Wee’s Big Adventure of course! There’s a giant t-rex and brontosaurus AND you can climb inside both of them. My buddy and I got into the t-rex’s mouth and roared at the people down below.

It’ll take you anywhere from an hour and a half to about 2 hours to get there from L.A., then about the same to get back. It’s a super easy day trip.

We got back just in time to hit up our church’s 7pm service. (I love night church.) All in all, a great way to spend a Sunday.

Dinosaur Directions From Los Angeles:
Take the 10 freeway going east, keep going, keep going, keep going….
When you hit Cabazon You’ll Take the Main St Exit.
Turn left at Main St.
Turn Left at Seminole Dr.
And then you’re there. The Dinosaurs will be on the left (North) side of the
freeway if you’re coming from L.A.