Summer Cold, blah.

Last week I had a summer cold. Something was going around the office. And so, like a madwomen, I drank a bunch of my old roomates grandmothers cold cure.

2 lemons
1 pot of water
1/4-1/2 cup sugar

You cut up the lemons, squeeze drop them in the pot of water, add the sugar and boil the whole mess. Peels and all. It gets almost syrupy. (It’s defently thicker than lemonade.)

Lucky I have the lemon tree in the backyard, cause I was going though so many lemons. I don’t have time to be ill! This time around, instead of pushing through it, I took the weekend off. Literally did not leave my house. Watched a bunch of totally craptasticly awesome movies on netflix and slept.


Seed Bombing Proof!

The photos are in people. Just like I promised. A little bit of color and happiness on the 110 freeway. Pretty!

Last year my buddies and I made seedbombs on my birthday, (that was my birthday party) and this is the result. Next year there’ll be EVEN MORE! There are a few more spots where they’ve sprouted up that I didn’t get photos of. It took me forever just to get these. Taking photos and driving at the same time equals car wreck!  So I had to have someone else driving and it had to be during the day. Two tall orders.

It’s all coming together! Woot!

Recycled Window Garden

So Neat! Check out this video and then the website. It shows a group of DIYers who’ve been working on better ways to cheaply grow window gardens using soda bottles and other parts. I really like the community cohesion. People all over the world have been improving on the design.

Website Link:

Seedbombing Works!

So excited! I was driving on the 110 and saw some california poppies that had sprouted from the seed bombs I’ve been throwing. YAY! There’s a strong little patch on the entrance to the 101 off the 110 as well.

It’s not a ton of flowers. I liken it to a bald man with a few hairs, but it’s still GREAT news. The thing about most wildflowers is that they’ll reseed themselves for next year. So if there’s a spot where 2 sprouted, then next year that spot will have 7 all on its own. It’ll grow exponentially. AND my buddies and I will continue to make more seed bombs so that’ll add to it as well!

Some day in the future people in LA will say, “oh hey, lets drive on the 110, it’s spring and that’s when all those colorful flowers pop up.” Yep. A scenic drive on the 110.

It’s A GO! More Lightrail…
More improvements to South LA. I’m pretty stoked about all this light rail coming in. And the exposition line is suppose to be up and running this summer. Woot!

A Worthwhile Life

Sooooo, what am I doing when I’m not working on my house, photography, full time job, silkscreening, etc… The project I’ve been working on for that past year, that’s what!

The Center : South LA, a soon to be arts center in South Los Angeles. That’s right folks. Living in south la, I’m blown away by the lack of access to an arts education. It’s taken me a year to do the research, set up all the legals, design the brand, website and other collateral, gather teachers and read a billion articles and memorize facts about how art affects the brain and improves peoples lives.

Did you know, that when youth, (Who were previously in juvie, ie locked up.) get involved in an arts program, their behavioral problems are reduced by 75% and they are 50% less likely to commit another crime. Did you know that? That my friends, is the power of art.

Basically art seriously affects your ability to learn how to learn. Reading and writing skills improve, aggression issues and truancy are reduced. It’s all around awesome. I have a list of the amazing things art does.

This is a project I am very passionate about. My dad always said that “Like isn’t fair”, but damn it, it should be. And if I can do this, and bring art opportunities to a section of Los Angeles that has long been ignored, then I can feel like my life has had purpose. Because that’s what I want. To live a life that touches other people. With that, I could die happy.

But here’s the thing. Nothing happens by itself, I need YOUR help. Please please please spread the word and donate. You can make a tax-deductable donation on our website here: as well as read more about The Center. Tell your friends, tell your family, TELL people what we’re doing. And by we, I mean we. Because you need to do this too. And then you can say “I Art LA”.

Grandma Jean

Sad Day,

My grandma died a couple months ago. Normally I don’t do too well with sadness. I tend to push through sad emotions and just keep going. The problem with this practice is that at some point in time I inevitably crash. The sadness will leak out at an inopportune moment. So this time around I decided to face life head on. I took a couple days off from work and morned. I thought about how blessed I am to have had such an amazing classy grandma. I never saw here without lipstick on, she was just that kind of lady. I’m one of five kids and each of us felt like we were her favorite. She had a way of making you feel special. She was always extreemly proud of my accomplishments, even the ones that we’ren’t all that great. They were great to her.

She lived just 4 blocks away from the house I grew up in, and as a latchkey kid I spent a lot of time over at her house.

She baked, and cooked. Breakfast at grandmas house was a 5 course meal. Her cookie jar was filled with homemade cookies, never store bought. We’d make sugar cookies together all the time. Not just for holidays, it was just for fun. She had a bronze kitchenaid mixer that mixed the dough.

For holidays she’d always bring the pies. Apple most of the time. Her crusts were always beautiful and looked like they were out of a magaine. So I made a pie too, just like she use to. I’ve made pies before, but haven’t for about 10-15 years and never tried to make a lattice crust. This time I did. I was quite proud of my pie, it looked just like hers.