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CSU Fun November Events!

A great South Los Angeles group CSU (Community Services Unlimited) is having two really cool earth friendly events in November. One’s a gourmet food party featuring Caribbean Cuisine and the other is the start of their monthly gardening workshop.

P.S. If you’re looking for locally grown organic produce you can sign up with CSU and for an incredibly reasonable fee, pick up a bag weekly. It’s the best. Read more about it at : csuinc.org And now the events!

Friday, November 12th : 6pm to 8pm.
Caribbean Cuisine Food Party!
featuring Kamilche Sea Farms Mussels
Hosted by Shema Muhuga, a friend of CSU at his Playa Del Rey residence, this food party will feature the mouthwatering flavors of the Caribbean. Soca and Calypso will be the music playing for the evening along with video footage from the October 2010 Los Angeles Carnival and the February 2010 Trinidad and Tobago carnival. As always local seasonal produce will be highlighted, but a special item for this evening will be a treat for sea food lovers. Kamilche Sea Farms has been farming mussels in the Puget Sound since 1981 and since 1986 has specialized in the culture of the premium Mediterranean mussel (Mytilus galloprovincialis).  These mussels, common to Spain, are believed to have been brought over to the Pacific centuries ago on the bottoms of Spanish Galleons.  Today Kamilche Sea Farms grows these mussels starting with premium hatchery seed.  Suspended from long lines in the rich deep waters of the Puget Sound, a premium mussel is ready for harvest in less than a year. Kamilche Sea Farms’ growing waters, in Totten Inlet, have been state certified since 1926. This bay is designated by the Washington Department of Ecology as a “Unique Growing Area” due to its pristine waters and high shellfish productivity. Strict watershed protection measures ensure that it will remain pure for generations to come. A huge thank you to Kamilche Sea Farms for the donation of the mussels for this Food Party, we encourage you to check out http://www.kamilcheseafarms.com and support those businesses that support sustainable communities. A detailed menu and address for the event will be sent to those that RSVP, but you can be sure to get home cooked gourmet food, featuring locally grown and beyond organic produce, at an incredible price of $20.00, along with great company and the knowledge that your dollars are supporting a great cause.
Spaces are limited, so RSVP soon to Dyanep1@csuinc.org or call 323 299 7075.

Saturday, November 13th : 9am to 1pm.
Garden Gateway Workshop Series
Planting to Amend Soil + Healthy Greens
EXPO Center/CSU Urban Farm, corner of King and Bill Robertson Lane (formerly Menlo Ave), 3980 S. Bill Robertson Lane., LA, CA 90037, next door to the senior center, enter from Bill Robertson Lane. Garden Gateway Project Workshop Series takes place on the 2nd Saturday of every month. The Community Gateway to Building Food Self-Reliance –  Free Gardening, Nutrition and Cooking Workshop! In partnership with: The EXPO Center, UNO and USC Keck School of Medicine Childhood Obesity Research Center.
To RSVP call 323 299 7075
and please be prepared to attend the entire workshop.  Download flier at http://www.csuinc.org


Earthday Radness


So, besides planting trees last Saturday, I also checked out that Earthday Fair/Event I told you guys about. It was AWESOME. I got to see the launch of the veggie bus, listen to some rad music, drink a smoothie that came from a blender powered by a bike, and check out the cool booths. I also got to see what Normandie Avenue Elementary School looks like. There are some sweet things going on at that school.

Community Services Unlimited Inc. is the group that organized the Earthday Fair. They also do a lot of work with Normandie Avenue Elementary School. One of the things they do is teach the kids how to grow fruits and veggies. You can check out the sweet photos of their raised bed gardening area. I don’t know if you can tell or not, but this area is huge. Puts my raised beds to shame.

I also saw some kids painting a mural which was neat-o.

I got some flyers with more info about Community Services Unlimited. I found out that they do CSA boxes for my area. In case you don’t know, CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. You can sign up and each week receive a bag filled with organic seasonal fruits, vegetables and dried herbs.

Check out more about it here.












Who Wants to Plant Some Trees? Say Yes. Yes. Yes.


On Saturday April 18th, fresh&easy (an awesome grocery store, excuse me, neighborhood market,) will be having a tree planting event at the site of their future location in South LA. They’re partnering with Jan Perry (9th District Councilmember) and the LA Conservation Corps. Check out the invite for the event *click here.

10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. – Registration & Snacks
11:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. – Commemorative Tree Planting with Councilmember Jan Perry
11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. – Tree Planting
1:00 p.m. – 1:30 p.m. – Snacks & Refreshments

I am super excited that fresh&easy is finally making it’s way into my neighborhood. They’ve got great quality food and organic options at really low prices. Organic food in South Los Angeles… I like it.

As it says on their flyer “get the word out and encourage your family friends, neighbors and co-workers to help us make South LA greener one tree at a time.”

Lets do this!

Earth Day Celebration and Veggie Bus in South L.A.


This weekend is going to be a busy one. There’s two cool activities going on that I know of. One is a tree planting and the other is an Earth Day Celebration. Here’s the first one I’m super duper stoked about:

Community Services Unlimited Inc. is putting on an Earth Day Celebration/festival Saturday April 18th from 10am-3pm. It’s the launch of their official veggie bus (they’ve converted a diesel school bus to run on waste veggie oil.) There will also be live music, spoken word, food, vendors a bike powered smoothie bar, workshops on capoeira, yoga, tree planting, bike maintenance, solar panel installations, fruit tree give aways, cooking demos, raffles, and MORE!!! You can check out more details at their website here: http://csuinc.org/earthday/

The event is sponsored by South Central Farmers, Bike Oven, Food Not Bombs, Green for All, Alliance for Healthy & Responsible Grocery Stores, LA Dodgers, LA Clippers, and Tango and Kirk.

EARTH DAY FESTIVAL – 10am to 3pm
VEGGIE BUS TOUR – 2pm to 2.45pm

Normandie Avenue Elementary School
4505 S. Raymond Ave, LA, CA 90037

Get your butt to it!

Buy Some South L.A. Plants

The Raymond Avenue Neighborhood Garden is having a plant sale and anniversary party. It’s their 1yr Anniversary. Saturday April 4th, from 2pm-5pm. You can get plants super duper cheap (3 for $1). As well as eat and drink delicious goodies. Party!

Florence Nishida their Master Gardener will be there to demonstrate how to make trellises for cucumbers.

Address: 2632 S. Raymond Avenue, 90007

See you folks there!

My Backyard Makes Food


It’s that time of year. My nectarines are coming in. YES! I can’t wait. Yummy yummy yum yum. When this tree flowers it’s amazing. It drops all its leaves in the winter, and when it starts to come back to life with flowers first. Only flowers no leaves. So the tree is covered in these light pink blossoms. I love it too when all the petals drop. It’s like nature’s confetti in my yard. Party!

Me Want Pizza


What do you do late on a Thurday night when you and your buddy have an intense craving for pizza? Well, if you’re me, and you live in South L.A. you call 2 pages worth of pizza places that google maps has given you and discover that there aren’t any pizza places open after midnight. Uh what? USC is my neighbor, and that’s a mighty large college. What do all the college kids do? I know when I was in college, living in San Francisco, I had TONS of pizza’s delivered to me after midnight. 3am, 4am, 5am, anytime I wanted. And you’re telling me I can’t get pizza after midnight in South Central Los Angeles, even through I live right next to USC? Lame! Double Lame!

But I did discover that there’s a 24 hour Dennys south of the 10 freeway. Whoo Hoo! My buddy Mary and I hopped in the car and kicked it at Denny’s, eating the awesome sampler platter and hamburger fries, discussing love and life until the wee hours of the morning. Thank you Denny’s for being open.

But really, can I get some pizza after midnight here?