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CSU Fun November Events!

A great South Los Angeles group CSU (Community Services Unlimited) is having two really cool earth friendly events in November. One’s a gourmet food party featuring Caribbean Cuisine and the other is the start of their monthly gardening workshop.

P.S. If you’re looking for locally grown organic produce you can sign up with CSU and for an incredibly reasonable fee, pick up a bag weekly. It’s the best. Read more about it at : csuinc.org And now the events!

Friday, November 12th : 6pm to 8pm.
Caribbean Cuisine Food Party!
featuring Kamilche Sea Farms Mussels
Hosted by Shema Muhuga, a friend of CSU at his Playa Del Rey residence, this food party will feature the mouthwatering flavors of the Caribbean. Soca and Calypso will be the music playing for the evening along with video footage from the October 2010 Los Angeles Carnival and the February 2010 Trinidad and Tobago carnival. As always local seasonal produce will be highlighted, but a special item for this evening will be a treat for sea food lovers. Kamilche Sea Farms has been farming mussels in the Puget Sound since 1981 and since 1986 has specialized in the culture of the premium Mediterranean mussel (Mytilus galloprovincialis).  These mussels, common to Spain, are believed to have been brought over to the Pacific centuries ago on the bottoms of Spanish Galleons.  Today Kamilche Sea Farms grows these mussels starting with premium hatchery seed.  Suspended from long lines in the rich deep waters of the Puget Sound, a premium mussel is ready for harvest in less than a year. Kamilche Sea Farms’ growing waters, in Totten Inlet, have been state certified since 1926. This bay is designated by the Washington Department of Ecology as a “Unique Growing Area” due to its pristine waters and high shellfish productivity. Strict watershed protection measures ensure that it will remain pure for generations to come. A huge thank you to Kamilche Sea Farms for the donation of the mussels for this Food Party, we encourage you to check out http://www.kamilcheseafarms.com and support those businesses that support sustainable communities. A detailed menu and address for the event will be sent to those that RSVP, but you can be sure to get home cooked gourmet food, featuring locally grown and beyond organic produce, at an incredible price of $20.00, along with great company and the knowledge that your dollars are supporting a great cause.
Spaces are limited, so RSVP soon to Dyanep1@csuinc.org or call 323 299 7075.

Saturday, November 13th : 9am to 1pm.
Garden Gateway Workshop Series
Planting to Amend Soil + Healthy Greens
EXPO Center/CSU Urban Farm, corner of King and Bill Robertson Lane (formerly Menlo Ave), 3980 S. Bill Robertson Lane., LA, CA 90037, next door to the senior center, enter from Bill Robertson Lane. Garden Gateway Project Workshop Series takes place on the 2nd Saturday of every month. The Community Gateway to Building Food Self-Reliance –  Free Gardening, Nutrition and Cooking Workshop! In partnership with: The EXPO Center, UNO and USC Keck School of Medicine Childhood Obesity Research Center.
To RSVP call 323 299 7075
and please be prepared to attend the entire workshop.  Download flier at http://www.csuinc.org


I heart salvage yards.

In this bathroom restoration, I’ve had a bitch of a time trying to find the baseboard. (That’s the piece of trim that runs along the bottom of a wall.) In my house every single room has the same original trim. Except of course, for the bathroom and the kitchen, the two rooms that have been changed quite a bit through the years.

In the process I’ve searched nearly every salvage yard I know of, a backyard, a salvage lumber place, home depot, lowes, and a few specialty trim shops.

These were from the photos I finally got off my phone of a salvage yard called Freeway Building Materials in Los Angeles. Really really cool place. They’ve got tons of great house parts, and then super cool older things. I even saw a few jet skis when I was last there.

Guerrilla Gardening this Saturday

And the season begins!!

If you folks want to start Guerrilla Gardening, you can come out this Saturday Oct 17th at 5pm. I just got this email with the details from my buddy Bulbil.


I know it’s kind of short notice but with the rain coming I can’t think of a better time to plant some plants guerrilla style. We are going to be doing a planting (replacing some plants) at the Van Ness and Harold Way garden behind the Dennys (at the Sunset exit to the south bound 101 freeway) this Saturday at about 5PM. And there will be a weeding event at the same time across the freeway at the Sunset and Wilton garden (at the Sunset exit to the north bound 101 ).
The LA Guerrilla Gardeners group will be having a meeting very near these sites from 3 till 5PM then we are going over to work in the gardens. I’ve copied their email about their event below. It has a link to a map to the house for the meeting but here’s the address in case I do something wrong and the link doesn’t work – 1922 Taft Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90068
If you can’t make the meeting at 3 maybe you can still help out in the gardens at 5.
I think all you’ll need is some gloves but if you have a tool or two you like to work with feel free to bring them.
I hope to see you there

AKA bulbil321

South LA and The Gays

I was talking to a friend of mine (who lives in West Hollywood) about South Central and it’s awesomeness. He had this question for me: “What does South L.A. think of the gays?”

Honestly, at the time I didn’t know. There’s very much a live and let live policy that goes on here. Some of my friends use to practice their punk band in my garage and my neighbors never had a problem with it. (We always stopped when it started to get late.) The house across the street from me has a party once a year that goes until 2am. But again, it’s once a year. I don’t mind and neither do any of my other neighbors. Life is meant to be lived. Other than that my street is pretty quiet. Really, really quiet. When I lived in San Francisco neighbors sucked. Anytime me, or anyone I know had a get together, the cops would always get called. My old friends, Leslie, Daniel and I would try and throw a party about once a year and it was always a pain in the ass. Come on people. Once a year is not a big deal.

So with this, live and let live, mentality that South LA seems to run on I figured it would apply to Gay friendliness as well, but I wasn’t sure. My friend then asked me: “Well how did everyone respond to Prop 8? Were there protests? Celebrations?”

I didn’t really notice anything one way or the other. So I checked around. This is what I found. There were “No on Prop 8” rallies and protests showing strong gay support in South LA. According to this short LA Times article here there was a rally in Leimert Park nearly 1,000 strong with clergy members and gay couples that support gay marriage.

Photos by Zeal Harris:


Photos by Zeal Harris


Photos by Zeal Harris

Photos by Zeal Harris

Photos by Zeal Harris

Photos by Zeal Harris

Photos by Zeal Harris

Check out more photos here.

More Light Rail?

You mean I could take a light rail to the Airport? Like I use to do when I lived in San Francisco? (Map Here)

Well, LA is looking to become more and more of a “real city.” I just read an article and watched a video about a possible Light Rail from Wilshire to LAX. It’s called the Crenshaw Transit Corridor Project. It would run from Wilshire and La Brea into South LA and over to LAX. It would have connection points with the Expo (I’ve written about the Expo line before. It’s running along Exposition Blvd and should be up and running next summer (2010) and Green Lines and possibly the Purple Line if that gets extended.

L.A. County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas is stoked about this project. He set up a website (here) to let people know when the public meetings are, see the proposed map and watch videos. Good work Mr. Ridley-Thomas.


Toured it


I finally went on that LA Eco Home tour I told you guys about. I highly recommend it.  The lady’s home is pretty sweet. She’s got solar panels, solar hot water heater, a ton of trees (drought tolerant in the front and tons of fruit trees in the back), learned some little things I can do to improve the insulation of my house, (Keeping cool air inside in the summertime and warm out. Keeping warm air inside in the wintertime and cold air out.) raised bed gardens, composting, greywater system etc…

The only problem I had is that I wanted more. More information. I already know all these things exist. What I was really hoping for was something more detailed. I want to go under the house and see how the piping actually WORKS for the greywater system. (And then, in a perfect world) go away with plans on how to make one myself.

Poo! Maybe the greywater will have to wait. Or maybe I need to make more “green” buddies? Find a “green” guru. Maybe more “green” folks will move into my neighborhood and we can exchange info…Drop some knowledge bombs on each other…. That would be rad.

The tour got me to thinking, maybe there are some folks out there that don’t know about some of the little things we an all do around our homes. In the coming weeks I’m thinking of adding a “Knowledge Bombs” section to the blog. Let me know what shit you folks want to learn about. We’ll start with the basics.

Anywhoo, check out the pics. She’s does have a really sweet home.

The Los Angeles of the Future! (insert ghosty futuristic voice here)


So, apparently L.A. use to have some kind of Subway system. At least, I’ve noticed some structures around town. Specifically on Western (south of the 10) and in the Hollywood/Los Feliz area. They look like they should be subway entrances… In my internet detective search, of trying to find out more about the old subway, I came across these folks: Get LA Moving. They f-ing blew me away.

They’ve done a TON of research, got input from community leaders, the region’s transportation engineers, planners and transit advocates. They came up with a smart informed and logical system of how the LA subway could (and should!) work. And these folks aren’t even getting paid. Get LA Moving is a grassroots citizen-led discussion. It’s not associated with or funded by any governmental or private agency.

I set them my email address. I really want to know what I can do to help. Hmmm… maybe call up some sticker places? Get the word out? It looked like there hadn’t been activity on their site in awhile. I wonder what’s going on. I just think that this country is at a perfect time to push for this. Obama’s plans, the price of gas, traffic, “going green” being so popular, bike riding up… just to name a few. I wonder if there’s any money in Obama’s stimulus for this….

Check them out here: http://www.getlamoving.com